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Denzel Freeman

The majestic metaphorical science baby of Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman brings you his recently digested media.  Anything from Cinderella Story, to A Beautiful Mind, to Pokemon is a possibility as well of course all the Denzel Washington and Morgan Freeman greats.  You will never see Denzel Freeman and you will be lucky to ever hear a word from him but he does exist as this site is proof.

Brad Lee

No, no relation to Stan Lee, Bruce Lee, or David Lee, Brad Lee is a media connoisseur from toilet bowl that is New Jersey graduating with a bachelors degree in Radio, Television, and Film from Rowan University.  His comprehensive knowledge of television and film as well as his growing love for comic books build the foundation for most of his articles.

My Media Digest

If you do not realize it by now this site will not be a serious, dry review site.  We are here to have fun with the things we like and hopefully entertain a few minds in the process.

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