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Aquaman Vol 1 New 52 Review

WOW. Let me just start there.  Now while Aquaman has been a long running joke to most, Geoff Johns has completely changed that with his most recent installment into the … Continue reading

June 11, 2015 · Leave a comment

The Flash Vol 1-4 New 52 Review

The New 52 run of the Flash is one of my favorite comics of the reboot. The series touches on all of the Flash’s villains, something other successful runs such … Continue reading

June 2, 2015 · Leave a comment

Batman: Vol 4 Zero Year and Vol 5 Zero Year

Batman Zero Year takes over with Bruce Wayne returning to Gotham after roughly seven years of being presumed dead. After his attempt to remain undetected while returning to Gotham fails … Continue reading

May 18, 2015 · Leave a comment

The Flash Issue 00 (New 52)

The Flash Issue 00 (New 52) I have only recently became a huge fan of The Flash following my love with the hit CW series by the same name.  However … Continue reading

January 27, 2015 · Leave a comment

The Suicide Squad (New 52 Full Run) Review

The Suicide Squad (New 52 Full Run) The Suicide Squad had the benefit of having one of my favorite characters of any form Harley Quinn while lacking a really enticing … Continue reading

January 27, 2015 · 1 Comment


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