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Chuck Review

It is that sad time a year as TV fans where new quality content is at a low forcing one to delve into their Netflix queue.  That is when I discovered Chuck, a show I would otherwise never watch but matched what I was looking for at the time.

What a good decision it was as I have fallen in love with the nerdy CIA agent.  Chuck Bartowski’s average life is awakened to its full potential when he is bestowed with an unique CIA file downloaded into his brain.  The show follows Chuck as he handles the changes and works with the CIA to use this information for good.

Agent Walker and Casey make for a great compliment to Chuck with their ying and yang approach.  The supporting cast is equally as fantastic whether it be his lovable best friend Morgan or his brother-in-law Captain Awesome.  The show provides laughs every episode and always make an entertaining weekly threat.  A show I would recommend to anyone.

Brad Lee

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