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Aquaman Vol 1 New 52 Review

WOW. Let me just start there.  Now while Aquaman has been a long running joke to most, Geoff Johns has completely changed that with his most recent installment into the Aquaman franchise.

While Aquaman Vol 1 provided one of the best story arcs of the New 52 universe, it is the tone and the humor that stole the show.  The self deprecating humor surrounding Aquaman is hilarious, constantly throwing verbal jabs at the least loved hero of all time. Constantly reminding him that he is unwanted and disrespected amongst everyone inside the book and out..


However the story is no joke focusing on an threat from a new aquatic race hungry for meat.  They used these mindless carnivores to develop Aquaman well playing his guilt about slaughtering this entire new race against allowing the threat to continue to terrorize humans.  We really saw a level of compassion and depth for Aquaman that most have never provided.

They also did a good job of developing Mera aka Aquawomen by setting up a healthy relationship with Aquaman, then dropping a bomb on the audience exposing her plot to kill him from the very beginning.  Then to top it all of she expresses her unwillingness to proceed upon discovering the truth behind Aquaman leaving the audience with a cliffhanger as to her true stance on him.

Brad Lee

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