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The Flash : Thoughts As We Look Back Over The Season

Following the finale of CW’s new hit show The Flash, they restarted the season weekly airing it chronologically.  This left those of us thirsting for more (and unable to find any other quality content on at the time) to watch the pilot episode only a week after the amazing finale.

It really made me respect The Flash as a total production even more due to the week to week progress they made all around.  Although the pilot is still good, especially by pilot episodes, it cannot hold a candle to the finale.  Now I understand they had to develop plot and everything but it was more then that.  Every week the one off villains got more intriguing, the acting matured as the content matured, and the special effects surpassed the preceding episodes.  The show grew in every aspect into a fantastic piece of television and comic book adaptation.  What started off seeming like DC’s first strike at a light hearted live action adaptions in film it turned out to be another, although to a lesser extent, dark and serious take on the world.  I believe this is where DC does best and differentiates from the more upbeat and colorful world of Marvel so I was happy to see it progress in that direction

Again, I cannot reiterate how good of a show this is for any DC fans.

Denzel Freeman

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