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Aquarius: Review

Now I am not usually one to watch or read something all the way through if I am not enjoying myself (hence why most reviews are so positive), however this show was one of the exceptions.  I watched about half way through before I stopped and began about why I was really watching it and realized there was no real plot holding me.  However I felt myself continuously hitting next on demand as I binge watched the entire season (Which was historical, a broadcast channel releasing a whole season at once?!) with absolutely no reason why.  it is a ridiculous outlook on Charles Manson with no historical accuracy apparent, although I do enjoy the performance of the actor who plays Charles Manson.  the acting being good all around is about the only thing I was able to think of that was positive.

I shall keep this one brief because I am not one who enjoys putting down others work.  Not saying it was bad because my partner loved it, just going to say not my cup of tea.

Brad Lee

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