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Is There Such Thing As To Many Comic Book Movies And Shows? A Look At DC and Marvel Coming Up

With everyone striking gold on comic book properties whether it be Marvel with their Cinematic Universe and money makers such as The Avengers or Dc with their ever growing television presence, is it beginning to become over saturated.  I used to be able to keep up with every piece of comic book adaptation film threw at me, but now a days I feel myself falling behind the eight ball a bit.

CW had such success with their hit show Arrow they ordered another successful DC IP in the Flash for a pilot season.  Before that season could conclude CW had officially inked a deal for another spinoff show Legends of Tomorrow.   These are not the only DC shows however as Gotha recently wrapped up its first season leaving fans waiting for its fall return.  When all of these shows return they will be welcoming CBS’s newcomer Supergirl to the fold.  This all paired with the revel of over ten DC films for the next few years including the obvious such as Batman and Supermen as well as the lesser known Suicide Squad and Shazam


For Marvel their cinematic universe has grow with every phase and as they enter phase three they are becoming even bolder. Now branching out into more risqué properties such as Guardians of the Galaxy and Ant Manwas only made possible with previous success.  With a strong foundation from the avengers films as well as all of their individual characters films Marvel has attempted to wind television shows such as Daredevil and Agents of shield into the web.  However it has in some cases falling flat failing to really connect due to either scheduling or finding or legality.  Daredevil was able to gain standalone success due to the loose tie in to the overarching universe.  Hopefully Netflix future marvel slate of shows such as Luke Cage and Jessica Jones.    Agent Carter as well as Iorn fist are the other two new Marvel shows left unmentioned.


All of this being said my head hurts even trying to think of keeping up with all of these shows.  Maybe their is such a thing as to much comic books like my parents used to say.

Brad Lee

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