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Arrow Season 3 Finale

Well season 3 of Arrow has finally wrapped up and after what was a great season, the finale did not seem to deliver on the same level.  The plot played out with little surprise with Oliver killing Ras (in a anticlimactic final battle), Thea took over as Arsenal (or now Speedy), the only surprise presenting itself as Malcolm taking over as the Demon’s head.  With Oliver driving away with Felicity and the rest of the team left to fill the void little is developed for next year.  Clearly Oliver will be back but hey failed to set up in any way his part in the arc, probably intentionally.  Other then the slacking final battle between Oliver and Ras there was no real complain, the show just failed to present anything substantial like previous seasons finale.  Everyone remembers the earthquake from season one as well as the Mirucuru army of the second.  This season finale left no memorable moments, the Alpha Omega was conquered almost immediately.  All that said I still cannot wait for next season.

Denzel Freeman

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