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Thief Of Thieves Vol 1 and 2 Review

I recently began the Image comic series Thief Of Thieves.  As a huge heist fan in all forms I was beyond stoked when I stumbled across this.  It follows the story of Conrad Aka Redmond a criminal attempting to reform in hopes of reconnecting with his family.  However nothing in a criminals life is as easy as it seems and Conrad’s attempted retirement stirs up plenty of trouble.  His attempt to amend his relationship with his son backfired when he is forced to reconnect with his son in a different way as they are forced to work together on a job.  The story does a great job of filling in the events that lead all of the characters to the moments they are at in their life and clearly connects them.  It is well written and one of the best new comics I have picked up in years.

Denzel Freeman

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