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Arrow: Oliver Accepts The Demons Throne

The idea of Oliver as the next Ras Ah Gul originally excited me.  For a beloved character to me it was something new, and an intriguing character arc.  Finally DC was going to do something fresh and interesting.  However after watching the most recent episode and seeing first hand the effects Oliver’s actions had on his former team members I could no longer watch with pleasure as a new path was blazed.  Replaced with sorrow and pain watching my favorite characters struggle to let Oliver go made this past weeks episodes by far one of the most emotional debate.  Felicity and Diggle attempted to hold it together for the team however after their face to face confrontation with Oliver it was impossible for any of them to hold on to hope that the real Oliver Queen was still alive.  Although it will stand as one of my favorite episodes for the emotional toll it was able to convey, it will also stand as one of the most painful for a fan of each individual character.

Brad Lee


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