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Wilfred Preview

Wilfred Review

Wilfred is a great show built around a strong relationship between our two main characters.  Ryan, played by Elija Wood, is introduced as a uptight lawyer obsessed with his job.  When he is eventually laid off and forced to look at himself on the inside he is terrified and attempts to take his life unsuccessfully.

After his release and while still in a vulnerable emotional state he meets his neighbors dog Wilfred, played by Jason Gann, who only he sees with human characteristics.  The two bound over the next few seasons as the examine everything from Wilfred’s existence, to Ryan’s sanity, to the meaning of life.  For a show that focuses on a man talking to an anthropomorphised dog it is really able to explore so deep topics.  It reminds me of another one of our favorites here at My Media Digest, Calvin and Hobbes.

Show is fantastic and something I recommend to all of my friends when they tell me they are looking for something and want to laugh.  Love it? Hate it? Favorite Moment? Let us know how you feel about it in our discussion section below.

Brad Lee

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