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Denzel Freeman’s Top 10 Women In Anime and Manga

Denzel Freeman’s Favorite Women In Anime and Manga Universes One thing I love anime for is their strong and appealing female characters.  So many great females have graced Japanese screens and here is my personal list of favorites.

  1. Mikasa Akerman – Attack On Titan Mikasa-mikasa-ackerman-34610073-1600-900 Mikasa was always a favorite of mine from the first time I saw her on the show, however once I saw her back story she sky rocketed as not only my favorite character on the show but also my favorite female character from any manga as she stole the number one spot.
  2. Winry Rockabell – Full Metal Alchemist / Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood winry-rockbell-fullmetal-alchemist-new-wallpaper-10 The adorable right hand women for Ed and Al for all their mechanical repair needs on their automail.  Life long friends of the two she is a more emotionally invested in the two then anyone else on the show.
  3. Shiro – Dead Man Wonderland Bubbly_shiro  A recent entry to the list Shiro surprised me with her innocent charm.  She offers a great contrast to the harsh world of Deadman Wonderland with her bright and joyful personality.  Her badass combat is only secondary.
  4. Zoe Hange – Attack On Titan 02cfa0ef36fff4346788f046d89250121377043859_full A top member of the survey corp and a top researcher in the field of titans.  She is a little to excited about her work but that is what I like about her, her passion for her work.
  5. Makina – Deadman Wonderland chief-guard-makina The badass warden from the prison, this Lady would send chills down the spine of even the baddest of the bad.  She runs the place with an iron fist it and takes no shit from the predominantly male inmate population.
  6. Misty  – Pokemon misty-misty-5789230-720-480 That’s right Misty! She’s cute little red headed friend from the original Pokemon.  Somehow she was a gym leader but was able to just leave it to her sisters to go and follow Ash for a few seasons.  Now thats a friend huh?
  7. Annie Leonhardt – Attack On Titan Annie_Leonhart (Spoilers) Annie or as some of you may know her better as the Female Titan is a cold hearted warrior with almost infinite abilities.  It is her stoic demeanor that lands her on this list and her loyalty to her way of life.
  8. Izumi Curtis – Full Metal Alchemist / Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood Izumi.Curtis.full.87687 Ed and Al’s foster parent after their mothers death and the one who trained them to be the best alchemists they could be.
  9. Sasha Blouse – Attack On Titan attack-on-titan-why-do-we-eat-potatoes-sasha-blouse.html4_ Yeah Potato girl hits a soft spot with me because I have always loved a character who was able to pull off comic relief in the most terrifying worlds.
  10. Misa Amane – Deathnote misa_amane_x_reader___out_of_my_league_by_lightsyagami-d77qhqz everyone hates on Misa Misa but i personally love her ditzy personality.  Every calls her stupid but she lasted quite a while with the death note and used the shinigami eyes with skill.

Got your own favorite I missed? Or maybe one I need to check out? Let us know in the comment sections below. Denzel Freeman

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