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The Flash : The Reverse Flashes True Plan

The Flash : The Reverse Flashes True Plan

Anyone who watches CW’s new DC show The Flash has their own theory of what Harrison Wells is planning, and here is how our writers here feel.

Denzel Freeman

I say what I am about to say with no certainly because the CW has done such a great job on keeping me guessing at every turn in terms of Harrison Wells.  I believe it is no coincidence that a genius like himself overlooked the threat of the particle accelerator.  He intentionally created that even knowing what would happen because he is obviously from the future.  So far it seems as if he is trying to keep the future the same while also training Barry to be stronger.  However I think in the near future he will make an attempt to alter the future with the strength now granted this dimensions Barry Allen.

Brad Lee

Harrison Wells is clearly not who he says he is, but who he really is, is just as much of a mystery.  Clearly from the future and equally as clearly the reverse flash in some ways it is uncertain what he is after.  He retrieved the tacion but have not seen him use it much and he refers to it as a temporary fix meaning we will have to see another play from Harrison Wells in the future and most likely the reverse flash.  But what will it be?  It is apparent he does not want to kill Barry because of how easily he could granted his superior speed and intelligence.   I believe he wants to rebuild the particle accelerator and is going to use the reverse flash to acquire all of the needed parts. I think as much as he needed the particle accelerator to fail perviously to create the flash, he needs it to succeed  a second time to increase his and the flashes abilities.  If they could accelerator  their bodies particles even faster they would be even quicker.  No one really knows for sure in the end except for Harrison Wells.

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