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Gotham : Can Fish Return

Gotham : Can Fish Return

Fish Mooney has burned almost every bridge she had, for the exception of Butch, who we can assume is dead or on his way thanks to one of my personal villains Victor Zsazs, and Bullock.  However she is tough as nails and has made it out alive so far with claims she will return one day.  Is that such a great idea?


I  personally do not think it is possible for her to return this season and survive in Gotham.  Falcone wants her dead more then anything for playing with emotion strings by attempting to replicate his mother.  The Penguin offered his help but can she really trust him after their past and his connection to Falcone?  Her entire crew, other than maybe Butch, is dead and it takes time to gather a loyal crew you can trust.  All of this points to Fish Mooney leaving for presumably the rest of the season unless she has an unseen ace up her sleeve.  I mean I truly believed she was as good as gone after the ending of the previous episode so it is in Fish’s nature to grind it out.

Denzel Freeman

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