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Aqua Teen Hunger Force Preview

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Yo

Someone asked me once, “Ayo Brad whats your favorite cartoon of all time?” As if the answer is not obvious that Aqua Teen Hunger Force is the greatest cartoon to ever grace our radio waves.  Meat Wad, Master Shack, And Frylock along with a strong cast of secondary characters such as Carl and the Moonanites bless viewers with comedy genius.  The humor in this show is unparalleled as Frylock, a large carton of fries plays the straight guy as well as the brains of the household.  Meat wad, a rolling ball of meat plays the adolescent idiot of the group and does so in such a lovable way making him one of my favorite TV characters to date.  The final member of the group Mastershake likes to play the bombastic fool who has no clue the of the level of his own stupidity.

This Adult Swim show has now been airing for over 8 seasons ad is the longest running adult swim show running.  This is not freak thing, it is because of its hilarious content and outrages episodes that make this one of the best cartoons of this day and age.

Stay tuned for a more in-depth breakdown of the show as we bring you full episode reviews as well as season reviews.

Brad Lee

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