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Spiderman Trilogy Vs Amazing Spiderman

Spiderman Trilogy Vs Amazing Spiderman

I am a huge Spiderman fan and enjoy all five of the above mentioned recent Spiderman films, some more than others, but I will admit they are all severely flawed. Whether its poor acting as with Toby McGuire in the originals or the shit show that became Sony’s handling of the Spiderman IP Spiderman was never close to flawless.  However they always produced entertaining movies.

The original trilogy did a great job of developing the villains and building a complete universe.  James Franco did a marvelous job as Harry Osborn and William Dafoe was an amazing Norman Oswald and Green Goblin.  This made for a spectacular movie with the only real downfall being Toby McGuire’s terrible acting as well as Kirsten Dunst’s performance as Mary Jane Watson.   With the second movie I was terrified of Doc Ock as his portrayal of the mad scientist was spot on.  In the third film I truly sympathized with the Sandman as he wanted to save his daughter.

The Amazing Spiderman did not create as much of a killer cast of villains to add the depth to the world however they did create a better Spiderman and a gorgeous film.  Andrew Garfield was a great casting and he did really well with what he was give, the problem being what he was given.  Sony was able to hold it together in the first movie but by the Amazing Spiderman 2 it was obvious they were in shambles with the IP.  The movie was so jumbled up it seemed to be 3 or 4 separate movies pieced together.

All in all I would have to take the Original Spiderman Trilogy due to its better over arching universe and depth of characters.

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