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Calvin And Hobbes Preview

Calvin And Hobbes Preview

Calvin and Hobbes has been a comic dear to my heart as a child.  Calvin the curious devil I could always associate with and Hobbes the voice of reason generally made for an amazing companionship.  Their adventures whether real or imaginative always fascinated me as a child and when I grew up and revisited them I realized the still holds true.  Calvin and Hobbes is a classic and you can be sure to expect a review of all the books in the future.

This series is great for all ages and really a book that I know from experience can bring families together.  With it appealing to all age groups their is not a person who would not enjoy these simple black and white panels.  Bill Watterson was a true genius and a master from the golden age of newspaper comics.

There is something for everyone to relate to whether it is the evil babysitter Rosalyn, or the generic yet sarcastic at times parents of Mom and Dad.  Susie was always my favorite as the young girl who took the brunt of most of Calvin’s pranks, probably due to a childhood crush.

As I’ve said an amazing series and one we will be covering more closely in the months to come.

Brad Lee

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