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NBA 2K15

Now I have always been a huge basketball fan which is probably why I have such a love for 2k.  Year in and year out they can do no wrong in my book.  I am the first to admit the game is not flawless as you still see random passes going into the crowd but its still head and shoulders better than NBA Live sooooo…

The game is as beautiful as its ever been as expected with a year to fully develop on the new generation.  The gameplay is smooth as always and the controls although slightly different then previous years still feels quite fluid.  Shooting is not as simple as in the previous year and defense makes more of a difference I feel than any other year.

The my player which is what I focus most of my time on (Yes his name is Denzel Freeman, as is my PS4 name. Hit me up for a whooping) and I believe it is another step in the right direction.  Still no one will play this game for the story but the little cut scenes and conversations you control add a little bit more of a depth to a sports game better then I believe all others have been able too.

All in all i believe it is a fantastic game worthy of endless hours.

Denzel Freeman

One comment on “NBA 2K15

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