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The Suicide Squad (New 52 Full Run) Review

The Suicide Squad (New 52 Full Run)


The Suicide Squad had the benefit of having one of my favorite characters of any form Harley Quinn while lacking a really enticing story, so I stuck with it.  I will put up with almost anything to get me some of that sweet sweet puddin and I had to while reading the Suicide Squad.  While the characters on their own are appealing the missions seemed useless and otherwise generic.  Take down this supremely evil being, retrieve this overly powerful object, the usual comic book tropes.  But like I said the characters themselves offer great depth and individuality.  My boo aside Deadshot really pulls the group together as the leader acting as the go between for Waller and the group since most of the other generally want her head.  Hammerhead shark is unpredictable which would make him an awful candidate if you ask me but it is not my team.  Some of the members they bring in simply to kill of are forgettable but again I believe that to be the point.  And of course Amanda Waller is just as mysterious and methodical as always offers a true cloud over the truth of the entire operation.

All in all if your looking for some action and some pretty funny lines this is a great buy.  However if your looking for a really in-depth and complex story look elsewhere my friend.

Denzel Freeman

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