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The Flash Issue 00 (New 52)

The Flash Issue 00 (New 52)

I have only recently became a huge fan of The Flash following my love with the hit CW series by the same name.  However the comics are even more complex which makes for an even better then the TV show can offer

This issue is part of the 00 issues DC released for many of its story arcs in the New 52 universe which offer origin stories for this universe.  In it we are introduced to the murder that took the life of his mother as well as his fathers freedom as he is convicted for the crime.  We meet our main protagonist Barry Allen who is left orphaned by this incident.  Denial fills him for years and while visiting his father one day in prison a inmate accidentally spills chemicals on him while he is coincidentally struck by lightning.  While Barry is in a coma we meet now Captian Darryl Frye who seems to be Barry’s father figure during his true fathers incarceration.  Upon awakening from his coma he realized he has a new power, super speed.  He promises to his dad that he will free them and with this the Flash is born.

Denzel Freeman

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