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Attack On Titan Review Up Till Ch 65 (Manga)

Attack On Titan Manga : Review Up To Chapter 65


I recently completed the Attack On Titan Manga up through chapter 65.  Now I am current on the anime as well so reading the first half was pretty much the same with a bit more depth added, especially to the secondary and tertiary characters.

attack-on-titan 2

Once I was no longer caught up I was able to fully experience the manga for thrilling tale it is. Eren discovering the truth about the titan powers he posses was satisfying after waiting so long while the twist with Historia was something I had not expected while watching the anime.

For as brilliant of a show as it is I was disappointed in how Eren discovered the truth about the Armored Titan and The Colossal Titan.  For Reiner to simply come out and confess after all of that time was something I saw as lazy.  Everything is so methodically plan and every word chosen so carefully by everyone for Reiner to just randomly spill it one day was uneventful.  I also thought what followed was not on par with the rest but not as disappointing.  Reiner and Berthold really had no plan once they reveled themselves and they just grabbed them and ran.  Maybe the point was to give us a sense of spontaneity or randomness but it just seemed out of character and out of place.

Mikasa fell towards the side at the end but it is understandable with such a large cast to get lost in the crowd no matter how important you once were.  I do fully expect to see her again in the upcoming future.  Captain Levi shines brighter then ever and Commander Erwin is fleshed out fully making him a likable character mores than in the anime.  When we last see Eren tied up almost possessed by the memories I was breath taken.  The facial expression was drawn beautifully and I really felt for him in that moment.  The cliffhanger at the end was infuriating and am now sitting at the edge of my seat awaiting the release of the future installments after binge reading the rest.  It is tough but hopefully I will prevail so I can continue to regurgitate my books with you.  If i do you can expect chapter by chapter reviews as they are released from here on out.  Till next time.

Brad Lee

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