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Far Cry 3 : Some old Leftovers

I recently finished Far Cry 3 (Yes I am aware I am a bit behind) but I have to say I think it is my favorite xbox 360 game of all time.  To begin with the game play is just fan as shit and that is what any good game needs as a base.  Even after I completed the main story I still found myself running around just clearing out bases for hours with all different kinds of weapons.  The fighting system is on point, the A.I is much improved over the second installment, the skill increases are useful and bad ass depending on the skill, and the variety of weapons provides endless enjoyment. And on top of that this the game provides an incredibly captivating story line.

You play as Jason Brody, who just received his pilots license and to celebrate took all of his friends out on a Caribbean experience.  However after they skydive out of the plane they wind up on an island ran by human trafficking drug addicted pirates all in captivity.  Jason brother who is ex-military is shot and murdered, by Vaas who is the craziest mofo of all time, while you are able to escape. The game revolves around you exploring this open world sandbox while you try to find and free your friends from this island.

Far Cry 3 took everything that was bad about the second one and removed it, improved the things that were good, and developed a colorful and live world that one actually wants to be apart of unlike the brown dustbowl that was two.  Where as FC2 was a game which lacked color in the environment along with life outside of the opponents, FC3 is filled with life.  To begin with the world is filled with plants and greenery which makes a much more aesthetically pleasing than is predecessor, and actually adds a level of functionality due to the ability to use plants to create things such as medicine, speed boosts, ect.  Fc2 has almost no wild life and the wild life they do provide has no interaction with the gamer.  Not anymore though seeing as how FC3 offers an entire world filled will all different species of animals.  This does not only making traveling more enjoyable as you have targets to chose from on your run, but adds another layer of interaction as you can use animal hides to make larger wallets, carry more guns, or larger ammo packs.  Fc3 also got rid of the crappy bus system and installed fast travel (for villages you have unlocked) which makes the game flow so much better and saves you hours of aimless walking.

The games true brilliance is in the character development.  To start off with I believe Vaas is my new favorite villein, in not character in general, of any video game.  He is just so irrationally crazy it reminds me of Heath Ledgers version of the Joker.  Then there is yourself, Jason Brody, who is the biggest cry baby bitch of any game in the begging but towards the end becomes a hardened warrior who decides to stay and fight for the islands people (if thats the ending you chose).  The game is also very surprising because in the end you have the decision to kill all your friends who you just spent the entire game saving.  This was absolutely amazing to me because as anyone who has played this game understands your girlfriend is a annoying, whiney, pain in the ass who deserves to die by the end.  The whole time I just kept thinking god I want to kill this girl who wants to do nothing but talk about her feelings while I run around saving peoples lives risking my own.

Hand down the most entertaining game I have played this year and like I said probably the best Xbox 360 game yet.  I am not sure if it can compete with some of the older games.

Brad Lee

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