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Bioshock Infinite Digested

I finished up the latest installment of the Bioshock series, Bioshock Infinite, last night after two days of pretty non game play other than to occasionally eat or sleep.  Now this post, as with all, may contain spoilers so continue with caution.  From the beginning of this game I fell in love with the aesthetics of this world and the city of Columbia for the depth at which it was created.  Columbia is a city that flew away and seceded from the Union during the civil war.  The citizens are lead by a racist and biased leader in Zachary Cromstock.  However it is world filled with vibrant colors and life which was an appealing, and easily noted, contrast to the previous two Bioshocks.  The juxtaposition of that beautiful, colorful, seemingly welcoming community, and the racist society filled with hate that truly lives there was clear from the very beginning when I had to chose to throw a rock at an innocent interracial couple, or the host (I chose the host although it makes no difference).  They are actually so racist that they erected a giant statue of their hero, John Wilkes Booth, and compiled an army of mechanical founding fathers such as George Washington.

As for the main protagonist we have Booker Dewitt, who is pretty bad ass if I may say.  The plot revolves around him as he tries to clear his, “Debt,” by rescuing Elizabeth for the Lutece Twins, although we never are really aware of what the debt is for.  To be honest though I am not sure if I would like Booker so much if it was not for that awesome skyhook though.  Seriously, would be one of my three wishes for a genie and anyone who has played the game will understand why.  His self centeredness sometimes irritates me and his lies to the innocent Elizabeth cause him to lose some points with me even.  As I mentioned Elizabeth, or Anna for those of us who finished the game, is your typical Disney princesse and actually succeeded in making her resemble Bell.  Follows a pretty recycled story of a man trying to save the woman in distress whose locked away somewhere. Elizabeth is amazing though because for starters she never dies like many companion A.I’s tend to do quite easily, and does not draw any attention to protect because opponents leave her alone.  Not only does she cause no extra care, she is quite useful as she will throw you items such as salts, money, health, and ammo.  I also have yet to talk about her tears.  Tears are blips that she can open to other alternate realities.  These are not only useful for the progression of the story but in battle she can bring in cover and items to replenish your inventory.  She is personally the most helpful companion of any game and one of my favorite protagonists to date.

On the antagonist side there is only really one, Cromstock, who is the racist Prophet who has locked Elizabeth away to raise as his own daughter and apparent air to his throne.  Booker has plans to spoil this however as he rescues Elizabeth and truth about Elizabeth, Cromstock, and all of Columbia unravels.

The Lutece Twins who are generally in the background of the game are my favorite and most intriguing characters.  They are not truly twins at all but two separate versions of one person in different realities and one day they met. (Have I Mentioned they are different genders).   Their is also Daisy who is the leader of the Vox, the group of radicals (mainly the oppressed coloreds and Irish of Columbia) and the apparent killer of Lady Cromstock.

Now we can not talk about any Bioshock title without discussing the plasmids, or in this case should I say vigors. Vigors have replaces plasmids and salt has replaced eve.  They kept some of the same, changed the way a few work, and created some totally new ones, however I was slightly disappointed with them.  A few of them I found hard to use and others were totally useless to me.  The shock one was still awesome and the inferno one was a little harder to use, and the removal of freeze was a bad call.  Replacing bees with crows was pretty sick even though bees terrify me more.

I could not give this a game a perfect ten however because I felt that all of the boss fights were similar and offered no progression.  I found them to be nothing but a pain in the ass as opposed to fun.  Other than that the game was crafted beautifully.

Brad Lee

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